Travel Guide: How to Get to Crystal Beach, Zambales

If you are looking for simple, relaxing and budget-friendly travel destination near Metro Manila, Crystal Beach Resort is the perfect one for you!  No wonder that Zambales is one of the go-to beach hubs for travelers because it’s near Manila for only 4-5 hours. Thinking why Crystal Beach Resort? It’s affordable, accessible and picture-perfect for... Continue Reading →

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The kubo-themed interior, relaxing ethnic feel and the rejuvenating traditional massage of Balay Hilom Spa reminded me of the simple life in the province as if I wasn't inside the city.  It was a totally different and unique experience compared to other spas here in Metro Manila because the services were emanated from the traditional... Continue Reading →

Pack Smarter: 10 Things To Bring To The Beach

Traveling should be fun and not burdensome.  We don't want to feel unease along the way or upon reaching your destination just because we left a thing. Admit it! We feel that some of this stuff might not be important or could be an additional load to our bags but these basic things will make your trip more comfortable. My first trips weren't perfect.  As... Continue Reading →

Why I fell in love with Jomalig Island

Traveling to Jomalig Island (pronounced as Ho-ma-lig) is one of the best and exciting beach adventure I’ve experienced. Allured with turquoise water and golden sand, its untouched beauty, and stunning sites made me fall in love to this far-flung paradise. Unlike other beaches, the island is not crowded and unspoiled making it a hidden gem... Continue Reading →

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